Bing Shopping Adds List Sharing Through Facebook

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  • One of the things that people do with their smartphones in stores is take pictures of products and send them to friends and family for feedback and advice. A version of that process has been developing in parallel online through the numerous “social shopping” sites and has existed forever in good old-fashioned email. Now Bing has added a “shopping list” module to Bing Shopping to enable one or more products to be captured and shared through Facebook.

    You can create the shopping list by checking a box next to each product you want to capture and share:

    Products will then appear in the lower left corner of the screen and can be shared through Facebook. It’s helpful if you’re, say, trying to decide among two or three versions of the same item (e.g., iPod docks, digital cameras, sweaters).

    Unfortunately I was having trouble adding products and getting it to work this morning. I assume it works on IE but it wasn’t really working on Firefox for me (probably a launch bug). The “add to shopping list” option doesn’t appear at all in Safari, Chrome or Opera however.

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