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Top loyalty trends 2024: Discover industry-specific ideas

Discover the latest insights on loyalty programs in 2024 with Comarch's webinar on demand. Learn what drives customer loyalty and how to strengthen your brand's connections. Tune in now for essential strategies in today's competitive market.

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Studies indicate that loyal customers contribute to as much as 65% of all brand purchases. In economically uncertain times, when consumers become increasingly cautious with their spending and brands strive to maintain revenue streams, loyalty programs become instrumental in fostering retention and driving increased spending.

However, devising an effective loyalty program poses challenges, particularly in 2024 when customer preferences are continuously evolving. To gain insights into current trends, delve into Comarch’s webinar on demand, “Top Loyalty Trends: Industry-Specific Ideas 2024.”

This webinar offers an opportunity to engage in discussions with loyalty experts and explore:

  • Strategies to enhance your loyalty program
  • Characteristics modern customers (Society 5.0) seek in brands
  • Approaches to align your loyalty program with growing sustainability demands
  • Key loyalty trends across sectors like retail, fuel, travel, and others
  • The impact of third-party cookie phase-outs on loyalty solutions
  • Utilizing emerging technologies and AI advancements to strengthen loyalty initiatives

Drawing from their expertise, Aurelie Balaes (Account Director, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions), Hadie Perkas (CEO and Founder, The Gift Club, The BIG Handshake, The European Loyalty Association), Joanna Witsch (Head of Loyalty Product & Operations, Alshaya Group), and Wojciech Kempny (Consulting Director, Comarch) will analyze the current loyalty landscape and offer insights on preparing your loyalty program for the demands of Society 5.0.

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Access the webinar on demand to explore these topics and more.

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