The Google Beat: Google Starts Vlogging About Hot Search Topics

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  • Google has launched a new videoblog series that will highlight “some of the hottest searches” on Google’s U.S. search engine. It’s called The Google Beat, and the first weekly video was published this morning. Here’s how Google explains it:

    Using data from Google Trends, Google Insights for Search and some additional tools, the Google Beat will give you a snapshot of some of the topics that prompted people to turn to the web over the past week.

    A weekly video is small potatoes to what Yahoo’s been doing for a long time now. Its Yahoo Buzz Blog posts several articles per day looking at daily hot search topics with explanations why the terms are popular. It’s a great read if you’re interested in searcher behavior and real-time/hot search topics.

    Postscript: MediaWeek also writes about Yahoo’s Who Knew? web video series, a daily feature that focuses on hot news topics that Yahoo users are searching for. It’s become Yahoo’s most successful original series with an average of more than 10 million streams per month.

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