Google Zeitgeist 2011: Rebecca Black, Lego Alien & Steve Jobs

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  • Google released the Google Zeitgeist 2011 today. Google made several lists this year and even broke them down by country. You can play with the interactive lists at

    Those in the picture above are included in the “fastest rising searches” category, including Rebecca Black, Google+, Ryan Dunn, Casey Anthony, Battlefield 3, iPhone 5, Adele, 東京 電力, Steve Jobs and iPad 2.

    Google summed up the year also in this video:

    Here is a partial text based list:

    Fastest-Rising Toys
    1. Lego Alien Conquest
    2. Unova Pokedex
    3. Fluttershy

    Fastest-Rising Costumes
    1. Angry Birds
    2. LMFAO
    3. Flynn Rider

    Fastest-Rising Recalls
    1. Turkey
    2. Bob stroller
    3. Stihl

    Most Popular Apparel Brands
    1. Nike
    2. Victoria Secret
    3. Zappos

    Most Popular Jewelry
    1. engagement rings
    2. Tiffanys
    3. Pandora jewelry

    Most Popular Gift Stores
    1. Edible Arrangements
    2. Oriental Trading
    3. Spencers

    Most Popular Home & Garden
    1. Home Depot
    2. Lowes
    3. Ikea

    Fastest-Rising Gadgets
    1. Kindle Fire
    2. iPhone 4S
    3. Sidekick 4G

    Most Popular Cell Phones
    1. iPhone
    2. HTC Evo
    3. HTC Thunderbolt

    Most Popular Video Games
    1. Black Ops
    2. Call of Duty
    3. Halo Reach

    Fastest-Rising Home Appliances
    1. Dyson Slim
    2. Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer
    3. Kirby Vacuum

    Most Popular Coupons
    1. Target
    2. Lowes
    3. Hobby Lobby

    For the past year’s Google Zeitgeist, see this page.

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