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  • Google’s philanthropic arm, is changing its operational leader and trying to more tightly integrate with the larger objectives of Google the company. According to the Google Blog:

    Long-time Googler Megan Smith will take over day-to-day management of, joining as General Manager to lead us through this transition, in addition to her existing role as Vice President of New Business Development.

    One of the first things that Megan will focus on is how can best achieve its mission. During our review it became clear that while we have been able to support some remarkable non-profit organizations over the past three years, our greatest impact has come when we’ve attacked problems in ways that make the most of Google’s strengths in technology and information; examples of this approach include Flu Trends, RechargeIT, Clean Energy 2030, and PowerMeter. By aligning more closely with Google as a whole, Megan will ensure that we’re better able to build innovative, scalable technology and information solutions.

    For those seeking gossip and snarky interpretations of the moves, Gawker has it. For broader discussion of the changes, see Techmeme.

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