Reconsideration request processed: Search Engine Land’s ultimate guide to Google penalties and messages

The majority of all reconsideration requests submitted to Google are processed and either approved or rejected. There are, however, rare exceptions in a small number of edge cases where a clear-cut decision does not seem to be possible.

These cases are met with a Reconsideration request processed notification — which, judging by the wording, seems to indicate that, while a worthwhile effort was recognized, there’s more than just one type of violation present. This may explain why it implies that one penalty may have been lifted while another one was refined.

Reconsider Request Processed notification

A rare Reconsideration request processed notification, which almost always seems to come with a friendly reviewer hint

Without a doubt, this message does not mean good news for the site’s owner — or the site’s visibility. Consequently, more investigative work is required.

There’s a silver lining on the horizon, however. Most reconsideration request processed notifications come with a specific “note from your reviewer.” This is a manually edited message from a sympathetic Googler trying to help — an encouraging signal for the site’s future prospects.