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Good morning, happy Friday-before-a-long-weekend!

Keeping things fresh in content marketing is easier said than done. But, you may be sitting on more opportunity than you think. Repurposing your old content can be a cost-effective — and yes, even creative — way to reinforce your messaging and reach new audiences. Katie Pennell, senior performance content and SEO manager at Nina Hale Performance Digital, and Stoney deGeyter, VP of search and advertising at The Karcher Group, shared some of their tips with us ahead of their upcoming talks at SMX Advanced.

Next time you’re hankering for delivery, you might be able to order and pay for your food directly from Google Search, Maps or Google Assistant. For restaurants and delivery service partners, this means “Google now owns the transaction,” reports Greg Sterling, who adds that this “is part of a larger effort by Google to reduce consumer friction, remove steps between discovery and purchase and control more transactions directly.”

Internal search may not be the sexiest topic, but for retail sites it can mean the difference between making and losing a sale. SaaS venture firm Scaleworks has acquired Denver-based SearchSpring, which developed an internal search and merchandising platform aimed specifically at helping direct-to-consumer sites serve relevant product results. The companies said they’ll invest more in the solution, which integrates with most major e-commerce platforms, and grow its client base.

In the latest bug update, Google fixed Wednesday’s indexing issue that kept new content out of the search results. Google’s Gary Illyes said he didn’t “expect data loss” in Search Console. Then added, “Emphasis on ‘expect’.”

We’ll be off Monday to celebrate Memorial Day, but look for a special edition of our newsletter in your inbox Monday morning. Keep reading below for more insights and info.

Ginny Marvin

Pro Tip

Tell Googlebot about URL parameters

If your CMS generates lots of dynamic URLs (as many of the popular ones do), then you may be wasting your crawl budget – and maybe even raising red flags about duplicate content,” explains Aleh Barysevich of SEO PowerSuite. “To inform Googlebot about URL parameters that your website engine or CMS have added that don’t impact page content, all you have to do is add parameters to your Google Search Console (go to Crawl > URL Parameters).”

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Live Webinar: Google’s Smart Bidding – it’s even more about the data- June 13

Sponsored by Crealytics

Google has reacted to Amazon’s market dominance with a Smart Bidding solution that is designed to simplify bid management and product advertising. Yet in an environment where an AI-driven solution is making all the bid decisions, how can retailers differentiate? Join Crealytics founder and CEO Andreas Reiffen as he discusses how leading retailers can survive – and thrive – using Google’s smart bidding technology.

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SMX Update

The mad scientists of paid search

We all love the notion of a mad scientist, someone with a combination of unusual or unsettling personality traits and ambitious, out of the ordinary or just plain crazy approaches to their experiments. We love them because their out-of-the-box thinking and techniques sometimes produce extraordinary results or significant competitive advantages.


We’ve assembled our own panel of mad scientists at SMX Advanced who will share both their thinking and processes during the aptly named The Mad Scientists Of Paid Search session. After donning white-lab coats, our intrepid investigators will present original research and highly-insightful observations including:

-The impact of match type changes.
-How search and e-commerce auctions really work.
-New developments in attribution modeling.
-Linear regressions.
-And much more!

You won’t want to miss this session, or Overtime with Maria Corcoran, Andreas Reiffen and Andy Taylor where they’ll gladly take your questions and explain their findings in more detail. Check out the full SMX Advanced agenda and register now.

Search Shorts

Google algorithm chatter...

Google algorithm update? There may have been a Google search algorithm update a day or so ago. There is some chatter within the industry and the tools are lighting up, but maybe it was because of the indexing bug?

Green map pins. Some are noticing Google showing green map pins in the local panel map.  The Local Search Forums has screenshots of this in action.

Googlebot myth busting. Martin Splitt released his second SEO myth busting video, this one is on GoogleBot myth busting — check it out.

Weird snippets. Sometimes when you use a site command, the snippets that come back in Google can look weird, especially if you’re lacking meta descriptions, says John Mueller of Google.

What we're reading

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