PPC Testing Part 2: Optimization Cheat Sheet

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  • If you’ve been reading this column this year, you know that I have repeatedly pushed you to regard your campaigns as being in a continuous testing environment. Frankly, if you just load up some keywords and put down your credit card there’s a good chance you might just waste your money. Successful paid search requires a very systematic approach to evaluating your accounts, strategic bidding and a research mindset. But first, you need to have a clear understanding of what optimizations are even available to you to try.

    This all might be a bit intimidating those of you who are new to paid search. You may not know where to begin, what kinds of tests you can try or how to interpret the results. Next week, I’ll take you step by step into three common optimizations and how you can test them on your accounts. This week, however, it’s important for you to understand the correlation between your actions and how they will affect the account. For example, if you want more clicks, you can simply raise your budget. Or, if you want to lower your costs, you can lower your maximum bids on the keywords in your campaigns. These are just a few (rather blunt) tactics at your disposal.

    I compiled the following list of optimization options a couple of years ago in my In the Trenches column here on SearchEngineLand.com and it’s still something that I print and cut out for new people on my team. It’s still completely valid and I was able to even add a few new things to the mix.

    Hope it helps!

    To increase click thru rate

    To lower CPCs

    To increase traffic

    Increase your conversions/return on investment (ROI)

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