Report: Last Week’s Google Update Benefited News & Magazine Web Sites

Maybe the Google Trends update from last week is also used in Google's latest algorithmic update from last week? New SearchMetrics report shares some data around that.

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Last week, we reported that Google updated their core search algorithm once again. Supposedly, Google makes these changes all the time, but we noticed major changes with this past one, where Google said it was a normal update, not related to Panda, Penguin, SSL or other famously named algorithms.

Marcus Tober from SearchMetrics did a deeper analysis of this update and he noticed based on their dataset that this update may have been related to news related content. The data showed that “new newsworthy content” received a boost with this update.

He then shared analytics on how some major news publications saw a spike in search rankings in Google. Here are the ranking improvements seen across the board with these news sites:


Domain SEO Visibility 19.06. Change in % 895796 19% 1288587 11% 995618 12% 625008 20% 905321 13% 387537 30% 692956 13% 409336 21% 345354 26% 665623 12% 350761 22% 319230 24% 417862 17% 172396 45% 289973 20% 126850 59% 399168 13% 252981 20% 299667 16%

Even with my small SEO news site,, SearchMetrics reports a 134% increase in keyword visibility in Google. The truth is, I track this only with referral data and I did see about a 25% increase in Google organic referrals week over week.

What is interesting is that Google launched a brand new and more real-time version of Google Trends last week, which may or may not be used in core search as well. So maybe since Google released this, it is better able to assess news-worthy content and baked it into their core search algorithm going forward? Or maybe it is just a coincidence?

This is all just speculation, since Google will not comment about the specifics around last weeks update.

Here are some charts from SearchMetrics:




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