Good morning, let’s look back on voices in the community,

As we head into a new year, we are taking stock of the changes and trends of 2019 that will help shape marketing in 2020. Today, we focus on a selection of video interviews Barry Schwartz conducted with SEO and PPC experts this year, plus a Pro Tip from the community.


Ginny Marvin

1. Video: Local search expert Joy Hawkins shares an unexpected finding from her Google reviews research by Amy Gesenhues
Hawkins talks to Search Engine Land editor Barry Schwartz about breaking out on her own, buying Local Search Forum and a recent discovery she made around Google’s review gating policy.

2. Video: Lily Ray on recovering after a Google core update by Barry Schwartz
Here are tips from Lily Ray on how to fix a site that was hit by a Google core algorithm update.

3. Video: Mike King on the evolution of link building by Barry Schwartz
Learn about how link building has (or has not) changed over the years in this video.

4. Video: Danny Sullivan, Google Public Liaison of Search, on his transition from Search Engine Land to Google by Barry Schwartz
It was an honor and privilege to interview Danny Sullivan, someone I have worked closely with at this site for about 15 years.

5. Video: Greg Gifford discusses Google Posts, Google Q&A and local SEO by Barry Schwartz
Learn more about local SEO from the super passionate and smart Greg Gifford.

6. Video: Rand Fishkin on Google’s anti-competitive practices and more by Barry Schwartz
In part two of this interview, we get down to business and talk about is Google being evil…

7. Video: Andrea Cruz Lopez on Google Ads expanding match types by Barry Schwartz
Learn from a PPC expert on how to control your spend with the constant Google Ads changes.

Pro Tip Throwback

Use your video content on YouTube to enhance lightbox ads

“When creating a display campaign with the goal of ‘product and brand consideration,’ you can create custom lightbox ads which are actually pretty fun to build,” explains Joe Martinez of Clix Marketing. “You can customize these lightbox ads with a variety of elements such as images, a retail feed from your merchant center, messages, call-to-action buttons, stylization and videos.

“With a lightbox ad, you pay on a cost-per-engagement bidding strategy. When the ad is visible to the user, they will only see a thumbnail image. The user has to hover their mouse over the ad for a couple of seconds to see the content on the inside. Once the ad opens, then the advertiser will be charged. Any actions that a user takes after they are engaging with your ad are free. In addition to images, having a user engage with my videos and sending them back to my website to me is a more qualified user. They didn’t accidentally click on my display ad. They hovered over it, explored the ad, possibly watched my video content, then clicked to my website. I’d rather remarket to an engaged user first over a page visit audience, and videos can help keep users engaged.”

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Resource Spotlight

Martech Replacement Survey 2020

Organizations are on an ongoing quest to update and improve their technology stacks as the number of marketing technology applications and vendors has skyrocketed. An overwhelming 83% of marketers reported that their organization upgraded or replaced at least one martech application in the last 12 months. This report reveals the motivations and processes that drive organizations to replace martech applications and why it matters to marketers and martech vendors.

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