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If you have “How-to” content on your site and are using the markup for it, you can now test what it will look like on Google Home Hub and other smart displays with the rich results testing tool. 

Wrangling content, ads, and other marketing assets can be a massive headache — and typically the bigger the company, the bigger the headache. If you’re considering a digital asset management platform — or curious if you should be — our latest marketer’s guide to DAMs (registration required) examines their benefits as well as the buying considerations to keep in mind when shopping for a solution. 

I was lucky enough to introduce Michelle Morgan’s talk on LinkedIn ads at SMX West last week. My big takeaway: LinkedIn’s suggested audience size of 300K is way too big for most companies to be effective. 

Michelle shared her own top PPC takeaways from the sessions she attended and we’ve got them (and more) for you below.  

Ginny Marvin,

SMX Takeaways

5 tips about SEM, PPC

Our SMX West takeaways continue today with a focus on advice from speaker and PPC expert Michelle Morgan of Clix Marketing.

Automation is a tool, not a total solution: Utilize it to make your life easier, but not to dictate your job.

No channel lives in a vacuum: Leverage data and learnings across platforms for best results.

Data accuracy is integral to success: Reporting is crucial to success, but it has to be accurate and not so cumbersome that you’re paralyzed.

Speak to your customers where they are: Find the channels where they are and use ad copy to provide value.

You can’t have a bottom of a funnel without a top of the funnel.

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Search Shorts

Images, penalties, and speed.

Google image license metadata FAQ. Google has come out with new image license metadata you can add to your images and it just published a more detailed FAQ around it

Manual actions do not taint.Site being ‘tainted’ after a manual action is a SEO myth.” Once that manual action is revoked, you are good to go, said Google’s Gary Illyes.

Page Speed. Yep, page speed is a Google ranking factor, but does it matter? “What good is ranking if users go away without reading?


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