Good morning, are you sitting out or staying in?

Day one of the Facebook boycott is behind us. More than 500 advertisers have signed on. For users on Instagram or Facebook, the protest is essentially invisible. Ads from any number of Facebook’s millions of advertisers are still running. Does that matter? 

Whether Facebook will meet the demands set forth by the civil rights groups spearheading the movement remains to be seen. The company issued a PR defensive yesterday and has made some minor concessions. But determining the boycott’s success might not be so clear cut, or quick. The moment is causing many brand marketers to rethink their media mix strategies that could have longer-term effects on the broader digital ecosystem. 

If you’re staying in, I’d love to hear if you experience any changes in CPMs over the next several days:

“Sites don’t link, people link,” Michael Johnson of Page One Power said in a talk on link building during SMX Next last week, emphasizing that there are people behind every step of the link building process. “When you’re creating content, think about the people behind that . . . When you’re outreaching to that site, think about who you’re connecting with,” he said. Register for free to watch his and all the other presentations on demand at your leisure.

Lastly, ad fraud prevention firm CHEQ is out with a solution for PPC advertisers.The company joins a number of other solutions but says it offers the first cybersecurity-based platform for paid search and paid social ad fraud prevention.

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Ginny Marvin,


“Facebook boycott”

A quick look at Google Trends indicates how rapidly awareness of the advertiser boycott of Facebook gained steam.


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