Good morning, it’s time to start playing with new features. 

The new Bing Webmaster Tools fully launched yesterday. The update includes several fresh tools, including a new URL inspection too, Robots.txt tester tool, site scan tool, and more new features are in the works. SEOs and site owners should be sure to verify your sites in Bing Webmaster Tools and walk through this new version and all of its features to help you gain insights and debug issues. 

Barry Schwartz also took a side-by-side look at Bing and Google’s URL inspection tools and explains why you should use both. 

And today, Barry will be hosting Microsoft’s Fabrice Canal and Christi Olson on Live with Search Engine Land to talk about the updated Bing Webmaster Guidelines. Fill out this form to join them live!

Black business owners can now highlight that in their local listings on Google Search and Maps with a new “Black-owned” attribute in Google My Business. Google said searches for Black-owned businesses have surged and that it is partnering with the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc., an organization that includes 145 Black Chambers of Commerce and 326,000 members nationwide, to spread awareness for the new attribute.

On the ads front, Google’s testing some giant headline font sizing on mobile. It’s testing the treatment in the absolute top ad as well as on all top ads on a page. Keep an eye out for it. 

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Social shorts

Did the Facebook Ads boycott actually work?

Early indications are that it’s unlikely that the July Stop Hate for Profit boycott of Facebook Ads had a significant impact on the company’s revenues or policies.

Facebook has made some concessions but also defended itself against claims that it profits from hate speech and privately bet that it can outlast the boycott. 

Data from ad management platform Madgicx suggests that aggregate ad spending on Facebook actually increased during July. It said, “in the last 10 days of July, we’ve seen a daily average of $3.94 million, higher than the $3.66 million the last 10 days of June.” The company added that it has seen advertiser growth since the end of May.

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5 critical elements for local marketing success

This guide from MarTech Today examines the market for local marketing solutions and the 5 critical elements for local marketing success: Listing Management, Local SEO, Local Landing Pages, Reputation Management, and Paid Search and Social Media. Also included are profiles of 17 leading local marketing solution vendors and capabilities comparisons.

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Link juice and updated Google Ads policies

Link juice. “I’d forget everything you read about “link juice.” It’s very likely all obsolete, wrong, and/or misleading. Instead, build a website that works well for your users,” Google’s John Mueller said.

Analytics and SEO.  Once again, Google reiterated it does not use Google Analytics data for Google Search. Google has said this countless times over the past several years.

Google Ads policies updates. On July 28, 2020, several Google Ads policies that serve to protect users were updated to better inform advertisers as to the severity of violations of these policies and if they will result in account suspension without notice. Additional clarifications were also made to the policy language to be more clear as to what falls in scope of these policies. You can learn more over here.


How to deploy a DAM when you have a distributed workforce

Sponsored by Cloudinary

With sights set on implementing a truly modern DAM, it’s important to know the boxes to check when evaluating options. Having a single, cloud-based platform is a top priority, which has been made more obvious in the times of COVID-19 with more physically distributed teams and remote collaboration. A SaaS-based DAM solution breaks down logistical barriers to accessing the platform, wherever a team member might be working from, so that work can continue without interruption. Think of a DAM as the productivity bridge, closing the functional gap between asset management and content delivery. 

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[On-Demand] Free online SEO for Developers training

Whether you’re a tech-minded SEO… or a SEO-concious developer… you won’t want to miss these expert-led masterclasses. All three 90-minute sessions are now available for you to watch and rewatch on-demand!

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