Good morning, Marketers, would more users choose an alternative to Google?

What would Google’s mobile market share look like if the search choice screen on Android offered more choices? That’s what DuckDuckGo wanted to find out and so it ran a test of a search choice design that offered many more search engine options. The result, said DuckDuckGo? Google would see mobile market share drop by roughly 20% in the U.S., 22% in the UK and 16% in Australia.

DDG has pitched this design to U.S. antitrust regulators. Despite these findings, it’s going to remain a challenge for other engines to chip away significant share, says Greg Sterling. DDG currently has 2% market share. Still, just a 1% gain can mean millions in additional ad revenue.

If you’re a publisher or maintain a blog, you may already be using article structured data. When you use article structured data, your article page may display with enhanced features in search — that may include placement in the Top stories carousel, host carousel, Visual stories, and rich result features such as headline text and larger-than-thumbnail images. Now, you can use the rich result test tool for debugging article structured data, too.

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Live with Search Engine Land

This Friday, join the Search Engine Land editors for a discussion on the disruptions marketers have experienced in the past several months including COVID, anti-trust, privacy, data and social activism. We’ll talk about where we are now and what marketers should be thinking about for going forward. To join us live, sign up here.

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Guest blog post links, again

Guest blog post links. Google’s John Mueller said guest blog post links have zero value. He said, “Those links have zero value. It’s a waste of time if you’re just doing it for the links.”

Google is not crawling less due to COVID. Google said it is “not true” when people are saying Google is crawling and indexing less to save money during the pandemic.

Image copyrights. Having copyrights or licenses for your images probably won’t help your images rank better in search said Mueller.


The Do's and Don'ts of connected TV measurement

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Any approach that measures CTV in a similar way to linear TV is already misguided. Linear TV measurement is inherently abstract due to the limitations of broadcast TV. All of the impressive technology in the world of linear TV measurement is deployed to enable statistical modeling, not to deliver precise analytics. CTV, on the other hand, is simply digital programmatic advertising but with a TV commercial as an ad unit instead of a banner ad. And its measurement functions much in the same way – it’s not saddled with linear TV’s limitations, but rather uses digital measurement that offers precision over guesstimates.

As with any other digital marketing channel, marketers have expectations when it comes to measurement. It should give a view into the whole customer journey, it should track conversions, and it should be accountable in 3rd party analytics solutions – and CTV delivers on those needs.

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