Good morning, {{my.NormalizeName:default=edit me}}, what new commerce features do you think will come next quarter?

Google has already introduced massive changes to Shopping this year — free listings, zero-commission sales from Buy on Google. Typically as we head into the fourth quarter, Google and Microsoft introduce new features for retailers ahead of the holiday season. Yesterday’s Google update is minor, but it could give retailers selling in multiple countries a bit more flexibility.

A new Google product feed attribute allows you to keep specific products from being advertised in any of your additional countries. This means you don’t have to create separate country feeds. This may have reporting implications, but it’s something to be aware of.

I hope you’ll join us, the Search Engine Land editors, for a wide-ranging discussion on what marketers have experienced, how they’ve adapted and how consumer behavior has shifted amid the pandemic.

We’ll also look ahead at the marketing implications of big tech’s antitrust scrutiny, new privacy and data restrictions, and social activism that might actually bring change. We’ll talk about where we are now and what marketers should be thinking about to navigate the future. I”ll be joined by George Nguyen, Barry Schwartz and Greg Sterling. To join us live on Friday at 1:00 p.m. ET, sign up here.

You can access all of our past Live with Search Engine Land episodes on our YouTube channel. We’ll be taking a short hiatus and resuming episodes in September.

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Search Shorts

Exclude products from your Google Shopping ads in specific countries

Monitor disavow file lists. Google’s John Mueller said Google does not monitor sites when those sites are listed in people’s disavow files.

Crawl delay. “Googlebot ignores the non-standard crawl-delay token in robotstxt files, it has no effect at all,” Gary Illyes of Google said. He added “for slowing Googlebot crawls down, use Search Console or submit a problem with Googlebot.”


How to Identify Site Quality for Link Building

How to evaluate a site for “quality” is the most misunderstood concept in SEO. As a result, you may be leaving sites out of your outreach that can drive ranking, or you may be including sites that will provide no value or potentially get you penalized. If you’re interested in scaling up a high-impact link building program while lowering risk, attend this webinar.

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Social Short

Pinterest and Vimeo pair up

Vimeo Create now integrates directly with Pinterest, meaning marketers can directly publish their videos on the platform — no more downloading and uploading. Vimeo Create is a set of tools designed for video newbies and those short on professional resources to make video Pins, complete with templates to get started.

Why we care. Video consumption on Pinterest has been growing — 3x year-over-year, according to the company. Pinterest’s audience is also growing — topping 400 million monthly users last quarter. Vimeo launched the Create toolset earlier this year to remove the overhead and friction often involved in making great marketing videos. Now this integration removes another layer of friction for brands on Pinterest.


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