SEMPO Search Survey: Nearly 70% Of Agencies Say Client SEO Budgets To Increase In 2014

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  • SEMPO and Econsultancy have released the ninth annual State of Search Survey results.

    According to the findings, there was a noticeable difference between how agency and company marketers answered SEO budget questions.

    While nearly 70 percent of agency respondents predicted client SEO budgets would increase this year, only 47 percent of respondents from within a company said there would be a significant or, at least, some increase to their SEO budget.

    Agencies: How much more or less do you expect your clients to spend on the following disciplines in 2014 compared to 2013?

    Companies: How is your 2014 spending in these channels expected to change?

    When it came to SEO objectives, company and agency marketers were on the same page. Both groups agreed the primary objective of SEO was to drive traffic to their or their clients’ websites.

    What is the primary objective that you (or your clients) are trying to achieve with search engine optimization?

    Polling more than 400 marketers from a range of business sectors and agencies, SEMPO said survey participants were made up of members from the SEMPO and Econsultancy communities. The survey covers a number of topics including SEO trends, digital marketing strategies and budgets. SEMPO members can login to download the survery here.

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