The Big List Of Search Engines & Their Employees On Twitter

Yesterday, Google joined Twitter with a company account. We twittered a few search engine-related addresses as part of our post about that, but we wanted to do one that was a little more organized. So welcome to our big search engine Twitter list!

The list isn’t complete, nor will it ever be. But that’s how it went with blogging. A few years ago, search engines and their employees jumped into the world of blogging (our Search Engine Land blogroll lists a number of these). “Who’s blogging” lists soon emerged, until blogging became so mainstream that people stopped bothering to keep track.

Now the early adopters are turning to Twitter, and in turn, making it more mainstream. Here’s a starting list of who’s out there from the search engine world:

Google & Google Product Blogs

(NOTE: See also Google Posts List Of All Its Official Twitter Accounts, which was posted after this article was written)

Google: Web Search

  • mattcutts / Matt Cutts (head of web spam team)
  • brianwhite / Brian White (program manager with web spam team)
  • nathanjohns / Nathan Johns (search quality analyst)
  • beahburger / Beah Burger (search quality evaluator)
  • reidyokoyama / Reid Yokoyama (search quality team)
  • wysz / Michael Wyszomierski (search quality team)
  • pedrodias / Pedro Dias (search quality team)
  • filiber / Fili (search quality)

Google: Webmaster Central

  • googlewmc / Google Webmaster Central (main account)
  • susanmoskwa / Susan Moskwa (Google Webmaster Central)
  • peeyush / Peeyush Ranjan (Google Webmaster Central)
  • thatadamguy / Adam Lasnik (webmaster relations)
  • johnmu / John Mueller (webmaster relations

Google: AdWords

Google: More Twitters

  • avinashkaushik / Avinash Kaushik (Google Analytics evangelist)
  • cdibona / Chris DiBona (Open Source evangelist, among other titles)
  • iamjason / Jason Morrison (Googler)
  • jhuber / Jeff Huber (senior vice president, engineering)
  • joshu / Joshua Schachter (technical staff at Google & founder, Delicious)
  • kraneland / David Krane (long-time Google PR maestro)
  • larrybrilliant / Larry Brilliant (chief philanthropy evangelist,
  • mikeleotta / Mike Leotta (Google webmaster)
  • rklau / Rick Klau (business product manager, Blogger)
  • skamdar / Sagar Kamdar (product manager)

Microsoft: Live Search

  • live_search / Live Search (main account)
  • nathanbuggia / Nathan Buggia (Microsoft Webmaster Center)
  • jandrick / Jeremiah Andrick (Microsoft Webmaster Center)
  • ayazook / Aya Zook (Microsoft Live Search marketing)
  • benmwatson / Ben Watson (Live Search software engineer)
  • fareologist (official Microsoft Live Search Farecast)
  • cashbackdotcom (official Microsoft Live Search cashback)

Microsoft: adCenter

Microsoft: Powerset & Other

  • powerset / Powerset (main account)
  • barneyp / Barney Pell (Powerset founder)
  • jsenior / James Senior (Live services evangelist)

Yahoo & Yahoo Product Blogs

Yahoo: Buzz

Yahoo: Web Search

  • searchmonkey / Yahoo Search Monkey main account
  • cornett / Larry Cornett (vice president, Yahoo Search Product)
  • crispierry / Cris Pierry (general manager, Yahoo Search)
  • grahammudd / Graham Mudd (Yahoo Search Monkey & BOSS)
  • jpederse / Jan Pedersen (Chief scientistt, Yahoo Search & Ad Tech Group)
  • mwinters58 / Mike Winters (Yahoo Search team)
  • rajgossain / Raj Gossain (vice president, Yahoo Search)
  • sheila / Sheila Tran (Yahoo PR)

Yahoo: More Twitters

  • adamzarlengo / Adam Zarlengo (product manager, Yahoo Movies)
  • dennismortensen / Dennis Mortensen (director of data insights)
  • kylelaughlin / Kyle Laughlin (general manager, Yahoo Games)
  • lauralippay / Laura Lippay (director of technical marketing)
  • tonyadam / Tony Adam (SEO for Yahoo Audience Marketing)
  • yahooguy / Gabe Elliott (search and display ad exec)



  • techmeme / Techmeme (main account)
  • gaberivera / Gabe Rivera (founder, Techmeme)
  • megan / Megan McCarthy (editor, Techmeme)


  • twitter / Twitter (main account)
  • ev / Evan Williams (CEO, Twitter & cofounder)
  • biz / Biz Stone (Twitter cofounder)


And don’t forget, the editors here at Search Engine Land are on Twitter, along with Search Engine Land itself:

We know we’re missing people. Please add them to the comments below!

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