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  • Brian Ussery has discovered a revised copy of the Google Quality Raters Guidelines, which he archived on his own site.

    The documents are used by Google Quality Raters to aid them in classifying queries, measuring relevancy, and rating the search results. To do so, the Quality Rater must understand how Google works and this document has a bunch of that. Let me pull out some of those details in easy to read bullet points.

    Three Query Types:

    Quality Rating Scales:

    Categories For Results That Can’t Be Rated:
    Not everything can be rated, and those must be classified somehow. The categories for those types of results include:

    Spam Labels:
    Now for the really good stuff, spam labels. This is a new addition to the quality raters guidelines and is fairly small. The labels include:

    Flags are for pages that require immediate attention, such as:

    That is a brief overview of some of the many points in the document. For more, see the archived document and for some history, check out Google Blogoscoped. Here is an additional copy of this document at

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