Top 5 search marketing trends for 2023

Here's a look at significant search, digital marketing and consumer trends, along with the must-haves for digital marketers in 2023.

By Benu Aggarwal |  December 15, 2022 

Consumers typically spend more than 82% of their time on discovery. Google launched multisearch and released several supporting algorithms this year posed to change the way we all do discovery and receive information.

Trend 1: Multisearch

Multisearch has opened the biggest untapped opportunities for marketers and we can see the direct benefit. Consumers can take any image and use Google Lens to explore everything about the image.

Google recently updated its quality raters guidelines and helpful content system. The easiest way to evaluate whether your content is helpful is by covering critical touchpoints and micro-moments.

Trend 2: Helpful content

Trend 2: Helpful content

In 2023, search marketers must ensure that discoverable content is relevant, informative, qualitative, authoritative, and experiential. Search engines will reward businesses for sharing high-quality and informative content. 

Why it matters:

Most consumers shift between various devices, so a consistent and unified experience across all touchpoints is important. Centralizing critical information about the business and distributing it across all marketing channels is necessary for a seamless omnichannel experience in 2023.

Trend 3: Omnichannel experience

Consumers are looking for information based on interest, location, and other known and unknown factors. Online shoppers are likelier to buy from brands with a strong local presence and engagement with their consumers.

Trend 4: Personalization &  localization

Trend 4: Personalization &  localization

Local search continues to be highly strategic for Google, according to local SEO expert Greg Sterling. But the search engine is shifting away from local search as a moneymaker (ads driver) and focusing more on product search.

Influencer marketing is growing rapidly and even faster than social media marketing. Savvy consumers curate information and follow expert opinions from influencers they trust before making purchase decisions.

Trend 5: Influencer marketing & community building

Trend 5: Influencer marketing & community building



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