What’s love got to do with Valentine’s Day?

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is a day for people in relationships to celebrate their love. But more and more, people who are not in committed relationships are making Valentine’s Day purchases. Clever marketers have caught on to this and are targeting other markets to boost overall Valentine’s Day sales.

In this article, I’ll cover other audiences marketers can focus on to boost Valentine’s Day sales and provide marketing tips to help you come out swinging with your Valentine’s Day advertising.

Data in this article is from two Bing Ads presentations: “Search Bing for Love: Valentine’s Day 2017 Insights for Digital Marketers” and “Valentine’s Day Insights to Woo Digital Marketers.”

Before getting started, here are some overall statistics on Valentine’s Day:

There are a few interesting trends happening around Valentine’s Day. They are:

1. Wider Valentine’s Day scope

Now more than ever, people are purchasing Valentine’s Day gifts for a number of different people in their lives. Here’s a breakdown of who people are buying for:

Here’s a breakdown of how much money people are planning to spend on each of the groups listed above in 2017:

Believe it or not, 19 percent give gifts to their pets, and $681 million was spent on pets last year. Yeah, you heard me right!

My nieces buy for me, and I come up with special gifts (activity-based) for them. Valentine’s Day gift-giving is much broader than it used to be. The main takeaway here is to not get trapped into thinking the holiday is for a single specific group of people.

2. Singles on Valentine’s Day

Over half of Americans are single, and many choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Now more than ever, singles are purchasing gifts for a whole variety of reasons, and for many different people. Furthermore, Singles Awareness Day was created as a reaction to Valentine’s Day and is celebrated on February 15.

Some of the ways singles celebrate are getting together with single friends/family, treating themselves to special gifts or purchasing anti-Valentine’s Day gifts (see image below).

3. Relationships on Valentine’s Day

And, of course, there are the folks in committed relationships. Here’s the most interesting information I came across on people in this segment:

Here are some useful Valentine’s Day advertising/marketing tips:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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