Good morning, Marketers, I’m picking up what my colleague Barry put down in yesterday’s newsletter intro.

TL;DR from yesterday: “Your focus should be on the larger picture, but that picture is painted with all these distractions that you see across the week and month of client work,” Barry Schwartz said. As I was reminded during an Overtime Q&A session at SMX Next, the platforms we work with have their own interests, and sometimes we allow that to disproportionately distract us because we are reliant on them.

Here’s an example: On Tuesday, an attendee commented to Michelle Morgan and Joe Martinez, founders of Paid Media Pros, “If you are a Google Partner, they have told us that auto-apply recommendations help keep you in the program.” While the Google Partner program does carry some perks, if it doesn’t help you achieve your overarching goal, which might be generating leads or sales for your clients, it is still just a distraction.

“I don’t care about the Partner program — Google doesn’t pay me money. Your customers are going to pay your account money,” Martinez said. “I’m going to do what’s best for my client’s account, not what Google wants to recommend,” he added, caveating, “The recommendations could have good suggestions, but I don’t feel like I should be punished if I don’t want to implement them.”

I think Michelle Morgan summed it up perfectly: “Whether it’s for your company or for your clients, it is in your best interest to get the best results, not make Google happy.” Sometimes, your pursuit of the best results just happens to make platforms happy (which is often the case on the organic side), but even if it doesn’t, it’s more important for you to stay true to your objective.

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