Good morning, Marketers, yesterday marks the 18th year anniversary of when I first started my journey writing about search marketing. 

Honestly, it absolutely amazes me how, day in and day out, there is so much to write about the topic. There is just so much changing, so much news, so many topics that come up every day, it is so much fun covering search marketing. Who would have thought that one would be able to write between five to ten articles every single day of the work week in such a niche industry, with new topics to cover all the time. It is just amazing.

I love how the search marketing space changes so rapidly, I love the breaking algorithm update stories, I love how the community rallies around each other to support one another. I absolutely love being a part of the industry and have had the opportunity to help catalog it here on Search Engine Land for the past 15 years and on the Search Engine Roundtable for the past 18 years.

Barry Schwartz,
Search marketing historian

Google Search lets you see if a doctor or healthcare facility takes your insurance

Make sure to update your healthcare client's Google Business Profile and website to ensure Google is showing accurate details.

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When Google’s title change goes wrong

In Part 4 of our Messy SEO series, we look at how Google's SERP title change gutted one of MarTech's most important pages.

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Webinar: 2 Lights to Guide Your Google Paid Search Path to Success in 2022

Marketers spend billions of dollars in paid search deployed across tens of thousands of campaigns. The challenge is dealing with all the complexity that creeps in while managing those campaigns across multiple locations alongside multiple affiliates, media partners, and agencies. In this live webinar, learn how to drive performance from your campaigns in less time with more confidence. You’ll hear about the challenges that Adthena customers have faced and the steps they took to forge ahead.

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Google adds PrestaShop to list of e-commerce integrations

Google now has shopping integrations for retailers on Shopify, WooCommerce, GoDaddy, Square, BigCommerce and PrestaShop.

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SMX Build: Free one-day intensive for serious SEOs

If you’re an SEO craving cutting-edge tactics that move the needle, you won’t want to miss SMX Build: SEO for Developers — a FREE one-day training intensive that explores the tools, testing, tactics, and strategies advanced SEOs need to know.

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3 tactics to improve CTAs for increased relevance and conversions

CTAs shouldn’t be an afterthought. Including them in your on-page optimizations can help strengthen your user journey and signal relevance to search engines.

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How to set up Google Analytics 4 using Google Tag Manager

Save time, avoid editing code and easily create custom events by configuring your analytics setup via GTM.

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