Good morning, Marketers, “Only 1 available.”

I’ve left a tab in my browser open for several days now and the friendship bracelet I was looking at (for my two-year-old niece and I) still says there’s just one in stock. Even if that’s true, it seems a bit…manipulative, doesn’t it? It’d be easy to lie on platforms like Etsy or eBay by telling the platform you have less available than you actually do.

During my research on how to navigate supply chain issues, multiple marketers recommended that retailers be as transparent as possible with their messaging so as to frame expectations, which can greatly influence customer satisfaction and lifetime value. So, why shouldn’t that transparency be applied outside of inventory shortages?

Consumers go to your product pages to learn more, comparison shop and, if you’re the best fit for their needs, make a purchase. While there are appropriate uses for some of these tactics (we have an early bird rate countdown for SMX), customers don’t need an artificial sense of FOMO, time pressure or manipulative/predatory sales tactics — some people even shop online to avoid these influences.

So, drop the gimmicks and test it out for yourself, perhaps the less salesy approach will make customers feel more respected, which might lead to more conversions.

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