Good morning, Marketers, did you know you can Google vendors to buy backlinks from?

This may surprise you as doing so is against Google’s guidelines, so why would it show such a thing? And, why would it allow you to run ads selling backlinks? I even saw one ad that read “Buy Backlinks (White Hat)” — whatever that means.

One might argue that since Google serves results for buying backlinks, it implicitly endorses doing so, which is not the case. Those results aren’t endorsements in the same way that Google isn’t endorsing the countless listings it serves every minute.

Google does remove content from the search results in a few instances: to comply with laws and to protect personal content, like medical information. This is why things that search marketers and users may disagree with, like antisemitic memes, may still show in the results. It’s a careful balancing act that Google must perform to protect users and itself.

George Nguyen,

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