Good morning, Marketers, Spotify will have to do for now.

I turned down free tickets to see Shakey Graves last night, even though seeing live music is my favorite outing of all. It was a personal decision, but the idea of packing into a concert hall didn’t feel right. It felt all too soon.

I’m sure plenty of people felt differently, but I’m also sure plenty of people feel the same. That divide is playing out for all kinds of gatherings, including in-person conferences. For example, respondents in our latest Events Participation Index survey gave the likelihood they’d attend an in-person event in the first half of 2022 a 5 out of 10. That’s not what event organizers want to hear.

We’ve already committed SMX — Search Market Expo — to staying virtual in 2022, but others are still planning plenty of in-person business events next year. Attendees will make personal decisions about attending, but event organizers need to make the best decisions for their business. We hope the data we’ve compiled helps. 

Henry Powderly,
VP, Content

Google Search Console inaccessible for some users

Many SEOs have reported being unable to access Google Search Console.

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Fearing Omicron wave, marketers less likely to attend upcoming in-person conferences

Respondents to our Events Participation Index also recommend events keep virtual and hybrid options going into the foreseeable future.

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How to build trust and value privacy with a consent management platform

When it comes to keeping up to date on global compliance, the most effective solution is to implement a consent management platform (CMP) to maintain your compliance coverage and reduce risk across all your websites, mobile applications, or even CTV applications.

This e-book covers regulatory requirements, the role the tech industry plays in consent management, and best practices for setting up and leveraging a consent management platform.

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Google also had a local search update from November 30 through December 8

This overlapped other ranking updates and a Google map and local pack update design change.

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As SEO becomes more complex, it involves more considerations than SEOs enjoyed in the 'ten blue links' era

Today, SEO includes everything from content marketing and distribution to user experience. But keyword research, page-level analysis, backlink tracking and acquisition, and rank tracking are still of critical importance, even as the environment continues to change. This guide is your source for the opportunities and challenges facing the market for SEO as seen by industry leaders, vendors and their customers. It also explores the latest trends, includes profiles of leading vendors, and outlines recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing.

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Chrome will show updated pricing in the tabs grid on mobile

Google also announced more Lens integrations for Chrome as well as the rollout of the “Your carts” card.

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The science of SEO explained...

Download Search Engine Land’s SEO Periodic Table now to understand the key elements to incorporate (and avoid) in your SEO campaigns.

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Google confirmed serving issue with Google Search results

If you see your content not showing up in Google Search this morning, you are not alone - it is a confirmed Google bug.

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Quote of the Day. “Virtual conferencing is a sea change and a lifestyle change. It provides many of the benefits but significantly saves time and capital. Simply mail the SWAG (and spend less because the tire-kickers won’t be grabbing handfuls of your pens!) and use a solid marketing agency to provide killer presos.” – Respondent to the Events Participation Index

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