Good morning, Marketers, how’s your outlook on 2022?

In retrospect, many of us may have been overly optimistic going into 2021 (and certainly 2020). If you’re like me, that means keeping your hopes low for 2022 in an attempt to avoid disappointment. That’s understandable, but my loved ones tell me that’s no way to live life.

So instead, I’m focusing on the opportunities that lay ahead and what I can control. For SEOs, Google has essentially laid out its roadmap for MUM, so we might just see some new visibility opportunities that we can optimize for. On the PPC side, we still have the deprecation of third-party cookies to prepare for. And, these are just the items we know are coming — who knows what other surprises the platforms have in store for 2022?

If these sound like challenges, that’s because they are, but I find that our industry is full of enthusiastic tinkerers that love to piece together solutions or form new best practices and share them with their colleagues. While we can’t control many of the circumstances that impact our lives, we can at least continue to develop our skills and the industry as a whole, and that is one solid reason to hold your head up high as we proceed through the year.

George Nguyen,

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