Good morning, Marketers, it all comes down to control. 

It occurred to me that many of the qualms we search marketers have could be alleviated if platforms gave us the ability to choose. Just look at how keyword match types have evolved over the years — explaining it to newer professionals usually invites the question, “Then why is it even called ‘exact match’?” After all, why shouldn’t we be able to opt-out of machines making our decisions when we know exactly what it is we want, as might be the case with Google’s title changes.

Over the last few years, platforms like Google have shifted their focus away from established brands with vast resources to make their products easier to use for SMBs. This “leveling of the playing field” has been referenced by many professionals and it clearly demonstrates the importance of expanding your products to make them viable for new audiences. I think we can all understand that aspect of it, but where is the sense in taking levers away from those that are trained and know how to use them?

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Google Ads shopping ads bug results in huge CPC spike; issue now resolved

The bug was between 6pm PST on Friday Nov 12 through 3am PST Saturday, Nov 13.


Some Customer Match features to become available to all policy-compliant advertisers

The features enable advertisers to assess how their list performs against the general audience, exclude customers and evaluate whether it’s worthwhile to reach the $50k threshold for full Customer Match access.

PPC campaign launch checklist

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Bing SEO

Microsoft list of Bingbot IP addresses released

Knowing which bot is really from Microsoft Bing and which is not can help you decide which rogue bots to block from your site.



Windows 11 update forces users into Edge, regardless of their default browser

Third-party apps like EdgeDeflector once allowed users to open Start menu searches in their preferred browser, but an upcoming update will eliminate users’ ability to choose.

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Google now allows the sale of medical tests kits

New Google Merchant Center policy now allows you to list your at-home results or lab results and over-the-counter test kits in both free and paid Google Shopping.


  • Google re-confirms that bold words help with SEO. “If you go off and say, ‘Well, I will just make my whole page bold and then Google will think my page is the most important one,’ then by making everything bold, essentially nothing is bold because it’s all the same,” Google’s John Mueller said in a recent edition of Google SEO office hours.
  • Was that third-party data reliable to begin with? “As marketers prepare for the end of third-party cookies, it’s good to remember how inaccurate much of that third-party data is,” said Marketoonist creator Tom Fishburne.
  • Just for fun. In this week’s edition, we’ve got an open reply to spammy SEO pitches à la Dr. Seuss, courtesy of Leigh Stark; “[h1] An Honest SEO Article” by Brooklin Nash; and Google’s Arts and Culture app can now scan images of your pets to discover their doppelgangers in classic art.

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