Good morning, Marketers, so there’s another Google core update rolling out.

We have come to expect a year-end core update, but not even a day before the announcement, Google’s John Mueller said he didn’t know when the next one would be coming. We can’t expect all of Google’s search advocates to know everything, but the irony was noted by the SEO community.

Jokes aside, retailers reference their traffic to evaluate how much inventory and staff they need for the shopping season. “Tomorrow, if that site gets nailed, what do they do with the staff and inventory?” my colleague Barry Schwartz said. On the flip side, there will be winners, but the opportunity may be lost if they hadn’t planned for more traffic.

In a previous conversation I had with a Google spokesperson about Smart Shopping and Local campaigns being rolled into Performance Max sometime next year, I was told that Google chose 2022 as the timeframe because advertisers were likely to already have a roadmap in place for this holiday season. I’m sure many retailers would’ve appreciated this courtesy being extended to their organic efforts as well.

George Nguyen,

Google November 2021 Core Update rolling out today

We have a new core update rolling out later today.

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Edward Snowden calls out Google over search engine’s privacy

Will this tweet trigger some change at Google? Probably not - but it might be wishful thinking.

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5 ways to improve organic SEO with customer reviews

Reviews are an opportunity for anyone familiar with your brand to publicly share what they love about your products, services and customer experience. Having reviews publicly available conveys to potential customers that you’re safe to do business with and provides you with a goldmine of fresh consumer insights.

Watch this informative session and learn how you can build a strong off-page SEO, earn star ratings in organic search and increase referral traffic to your site.

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Lighthouse 9.0 includes API changes, user flows, updated reports and more

Check out the new features in the updated version of Lighthouse, which has been released with the new PageSpeed Insights tool.

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Webinar Today: 4 Ways to Boost Confidence in Your Content Syndication Strategy

Marketers need a way to streamline content syndication campaigns across publishers and enforce a 100% marketable lead data guarantee. Or, more to the point, you need to know your content syndication strategy actually works, with a clear and repeatable way to measure, manage, and optimize. Join our experts for this webinar, as they discuss proven ways you can reclaim control of third-party content syndication to accelerate quality lead generation to sales.

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The top 100 consumer products this holiday season, according to Google

Along with supply chain delays, the pandemic has also brought more shoppers online. Retailers should evaluate their inventory to account for potentially heightened demand and ensure their product feeds are up to date.

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Google adds documentation on translated search results and ad networks with Google Translate

Have you recently seen Google translate your snippets? Here is how to control it.

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SMX Build: Free one-day intensive for serious SEOs

If you’re an SEO craving cutting-edge tactics that move the needle, you won’t want to miss SMX Build: SEO for Developers — a FREE one-day training intensive that explores the tools, testing, tactics, and strategies advanced SEOs need to know.

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  • No thyme for lines and crowds? Google has released trends for the most popular times Americans visit grocery stores, shopping centers, post offices, salons and airports. In case you don’t feel like going out at all, there’s also stats on the most popular holiday delivery foods as well.
  • Social media platforms cater to different audiences and that shows in the top accounts. Kim Kardashian has 263 million Instagram followers, but only 1.9 million YouTube subscribers. Similar observations were found for creators and brands on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok, according to data from Axios. Knowing which interests and demographics each platform caters to can help you focus your marketing efforts in the right place.
  • YouTube co-founder thinks removing dislikes will lead to its decline. Jawed Karim, YouTube co-founder and the uploader of its very first video (“Me at the zoo”), has used his video’s description to speak out against the platform’s recent removal of the “dislike” feature. “The ability to easily and quickly identify bad content is an essential feature of a user-generated content platform,” he said.

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