Good morning, Marketers, we’re weeks away from 2022.

Looking back on the past year can help us plan for a successful new year and that’s exactly what we, the editors at Search Engine Land, are planning to do. You can expect recaps of the updates and announcements that defined SEO and PPC in 2021 to help you get a better idea of what the big platforms are focusing on, but even before that, we’ll be providing a free career development opportunity with SMX Build, led by our SEO for Developers Expert Detlef Johnson, on December 14.

One of the biggest trends that has stuck out to me over the last two years is brand values, especially in light of the near-ubiquitous messaging from brands espousing inclusion and equality. They put out these messages because audiences are looking for them, and that pressure is unlikely to fade.

One way businesses can live their values is by ensuring accessibility across their sites — not only can it open up a new audience for you to market to, it can also save you from a lawsuit. It’s not everyday that brand values and business priorities come together to both shield and serve businesses, but this is one such opportunity.

George Nguyen,

The cost of ignoring website accessibility

Non-compliant sites are vulnerable to lawsuits, but SEOs can help protect them by advocating for accessibility, which can serve both differently-abled audiences as well as your business goals.

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Google’s December 2021 product reviews update was bigger than the April product reviews update, say data providers

RankRanger and Semrush provided us with exclusive data breaking down the two product reviews updates we had this year.

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5 key themes shaping the future of marketing

Marketers and business leaders came together at Zeta Live ‘21 to discuss the evolution to a digital-first world and trending topics on the future of marketing. From NFTs to first-party data to the Metaverse and everything in between, here are some of the conference’s most engaging themes that marketers can’t afford to ignore.

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How expired landing pages kill your Google rankings

Soft 404s can lead to a poor user experience, fewer conversions and impact your site's visibility more than the loss in PageRank from maintaining them. Here's how to properly deal with expired landing pages.

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Happening today--Find your Google paid search path to success in 2022

Marketers spend billions of dollars in paid search deployed across tens of thousands of campaigns. The challenge is dealing with all the complexity that creeps in while managing those campaigns across multiple locations alongside multiple affiliates, media partners, and agencies. In this live webinar, learn how to drive performance from your campaigns in less time with more confidence. You’ll hear about the challenges that Adthena customers have faced and the steps they took to forge ahead.

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Bing launches Ethical Shopping hub in UK

The hub is expected to roll out in the U.S. next year and Microsoft is looking to extend it beyond the fashion vertical.

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Online next week: Free one-day intensive for serious SEOs

If you’re an SEO craving cutting-edge tactics that move the needle, you won’t want to miss SMX Build: SEO for Developers — a FREE one-day training intensive that explores the tools, testing, tactics, and strategies advanced SEOs need to know. 100% live, 100% virtual, 100% free. Register now and join us online next Tuesday, December 14!

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How successful marketers plan paid media in a changing world

Uncertainty has defined much of the past two years. At SMX Next, PPC professionals shared how marketers can develop adaptable plans to overcome the unforeseen.

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