Good morning, Marketers, did you get the emails?

Not this one — I’m talking about the many emails an internal issue caused Google Search Console to send out over the weekend. Some search professionals have even reported receiving over 100 emails about redirect errors.

First of all, it’s a bug, so there’s no action for you to take. But, that’s probably not what some of your clients thought, so if you haven’t already, let them know there’s nothing to be worried about.

Zooming out a bit, these emails were sent to people that may not even be involved with SEO. Without the benefit of experience with Search Console, this could have sent them on a wild goose chase. While the bug may be the result of a relatively minor mistake on Google’s end (we’ll never know for sure), the platform’s reach is so big that it easily creates these kinds of ripple effects. Managing and overcoming those ripples is simply part of the job for search marketers, but still, this could’ve resulted in a lot of panic over nothing.

George Nguyen,

Google issue sent Search Console redirect error notifications; Google will fix issue

You can safely ignore this notification if you received it over this past weekend.

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Webinar Today: 5 Ways to Fix the Trillion-Dollar Marketing & Sales Misalignment Problem

Misalignment between marketing and sales isn’t just costing you sleepless nights. It’s a trillion-dollar problem in B2B marketing and sales. While the feud between marketing and sales is costly, it can be avoided. Join our experts for this webinar and discover best practices and tools to create more harmony between revenue teams. From actionable campaign plays you can steal to technologies that keep your teams honest, this is a can’t-miss webinar for any marketing leader.

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Online TODAY: Free one-day intensive for serious SEOs

Join us today for SMX Build: SEO for Developers — a FREE one-day training intensive that explores the tools, testing, tactics, and strategies advanced SEOs need to know. 100% live, 100% virtual, 100% free. Register now and join us online today at 11:00am ET.

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