Good morning, Marketers, where are the announcements? 

This month alone, there have been three interface tweaks to Google Ads: custom columns with new metrics, the Asset Library from Ads Creative Studio rolling out on Google Ads and the deprecation of campaign drafts in the experiments page.

You didn’t see the announcement or a tweet from the company because there wasn’t one. All three of those updates were discovered by members of the PPC community and confirmed by Search Engine Land. Some of those features were in closed beta, so it makes some sense why they went unannounced, but providing that transparency can help marketers know what to expect in the near future.

While keeping informed of product updates is convenient, knowing when bugs on Google’s end impact a campaign is absolutely critical. To the platform’s credit, it was proactive when a bug caused CPCs for Shopping ads to spike from 50% to 200% back in November. But, weeks later, the company lagged on its communication regarding spend fluctuations for tROAS and Maximize Conversion Value bid strategies. We were able to break the news thanks to tips and screenshots from search marketers who were directly impacted. So, if you’ve got tips, please do send them my way: Sometimes it takes spotting these things to get Google to confirm what it’s changing.

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