Good morning, Marketers, are you struggling with your work-life balance?

I am old fashioned, somewhat of a workaholic, it might be unhealthy but I was raised to work hard as a kid. Honestly, I feel shamed sometimes from the industry that I love, that I might work too hard, and might not be focused on the more important aspects of life outside of my job. But when Google makes a change that impacts you or your clients, I feel a duty to report it to you all. And I know some of you feel gutted if a client’s site tanks during an update, especially if that update happens before the holidays.

Yes, search marketing is not life and death as many in the community are sharing on Twitter over the past couple of days. But, we work day in and day out on improving site visibility for our clients and if the opposite happens, sure — that can be hard to handle. My colleague, George Nguyen wrote a nice piece on SEO and work-life balance — I recommend you read it.

To be fair, no matter how much I do work, I do unplug completely once a week for 25 hours for Shabbat. So, I get that time to be focused on anything but work. I do hope the Google algorithms treat you all well over the holidays and that you can focus on life and not work. 

Barry Schwartz,
SEO workaholic

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