Good morning, Marketers, meet Google SpamBrain

SpamBrain has been fighting spam in Google search since 2018. We just didn’t know it until now. That’s because Google has revealed SpamBrain is the name of its machine-learning/AI spam prevention system. 

Fighting webspam is no small or easy task for Google. SpamBrain is continuously discovering and terminating new and old types of spam from search results. Speaking of which, Google shared some interesting stats about it’s 2021 spam-fighting efforts:

  • ~6 times higher identification of spam sites.
  • 70% reduction in hacked spam sites.
  • 75% reduction in gibberish spam on hosted platforms.
  • 99% “spam free” searches.

As Barry Schwartz notes in the story below, long-term success in Google should come from creating a spam-free site that ranks through the test of time. “Build quality and build something you are proud of.” And do so every day. 

Danny Goodwin,
Senior Editor

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