TikTok’s In-Feed Ads get more visual with Interactive Add-Ons

A handful of new interactive elements will help advertisers get more creative with In-Feed Ads.

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A handful of new Interactive Add-Ons have arrived within TikTok’s “For Your Page.” These new additions are available globally for In-Feed Ads and will be unique creative additions that will allow for more customized, engaging ads.

These new features come in two different flavors, Standard or Premium. According to TikTok, standard Add-Ons are made to “reach lower-funnel marketing goals, like driving clicks and conversions” while Premium Ads move up the funnel to aid in “brand awareness and community building.”

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The new Interactive Add-Ons are compatible with App installs, Conversion, and Reach & Frequency (Traffic, Video Views) campaigns.

Image 2
Pop-out Showcase ads (via TikTok)

Premium Add-Ons. The new elements to target the lower funnel include:

  • Pop-out Showcase. This image element will lay over the ad with the ability to drive product clicks that can be accompanied by text.
  • Gesture. With a tap or swipe, a user can interact to obtain reward credits in the ‘Gesture reward card’.
  • Super Like 2.0. This is coming soon but will allow for an even more visuals after a user likes an ad, including a pop up card after the like.

Standard Add-Ons. The new elements to target the mid/upper funnel include:

  • Display Card. Visually showcase brand messaging or offers via Display Card that transcends the standard card format.
  • Gift Code Sticker. Contrary to the TikTok release, these arguably target the lower funnel as viewers can click for a code and copy it before heading to purchase.
  • Voting Sticker. Leverage the community for their input with a traditional-looking voting sticker.
  • Countdown Sticker. Slap additional information over an ad for upcoming releases or important dates.
Image 4
Display Cards (via TikTok)

Why we care: These creative new ad enhancers are a great way to add interactivity for more ad engagement. According to TikTok “viewers who have shared, liked, or commented on a TikTok brand video are 150% more likely to buy a product or service” and these new elements will surely help with that interaction.

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