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Good morning, Marketers, I can’t believe it’s December!

This season is super busy for most of us. So let’s get you straight to the great content.

In today’s newsletter, you’ll find links to the most-read articles of the past month on Search Engine Land. Get ready for some useful tips and insights. 

All of these articles were contributed by our fantastic group of subject matter experts. We send our sincere appreciation and good tidings to:

  • Melissa Mackey
  • Tadeusz Szewczyk
  • Anthony Tedesco
  • Fili Wiese
  • John McAlpin
  • Julia McCoy

Danny Goodwin,
Managing Editor, Search Engine Land & SMX

10 things to eliminate from your life to be more productive at work

For most remote workers, staying productive can be challenging. These tips will help you get more done with less stress.

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Link juice: Is it the new snake oil of Google SEO?

Should you reject any SEO advice mentioning "link juice"? Here's a look at the term's origins and why you shouldn't completely dismiss it.

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Excel pivot table best practices for search marketers

Learn how to use Excel pivot tables to QA bulk sheets, plus some tips and shortcuts to enhance your pivot table skills.

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Webinar: Do more with less

Send fewer communications that are more relevant. Use a CDP to connect their customer data, segment audiences faster, and deliver personalized experiences in real time.

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Mastodon: The new way to connect with other SEO pros

Here's what search marketers need to know about joining Mastodon, along with tips for getting started and participating in discussions.

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15 ways to secure your WordPress site

Protect your WordPress website from harmful cyber attacks. Follow these tips to keep hackers at bay and secure your SEO performance.

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How to craft the perfect PR pitch

This study includes everything you need to know about crafting the most effective PR pitches that will secure the news coverage you’re after.

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How SEO and content marketing work together

With both SEO and content in your marketing strategy, the results will be much more impressive than using either alone.

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