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Good morning, Marketers, does this sound like SEO to you:

“The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research.” 

It does to me. And it’s also one dictionary definition for marketing. Technical SEO is important, but SEO today is more than just technical, as Mark Jackson explains in his latest Search Engine Land article. 

Danny Goodwin,
Managing Editor, Search Engine Land & SMX

SEO is marketing

SEO should be solidly considered a marketing function. That's because SEO is, perhaps, the best form of marketing available.

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Google updates Business Profile posts spam policies

The posts that do not comply with this guideline may be rejected and removed from Google Maps and Google Search.

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The complete guide to on-page optimization

This step-by-step guide will show you how to take your on-site optimization to the next level, create top-performing pages and achieve desired results.

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Want to speak at SMX? Now’s the time to submit a pitch!

If you’re on top of the latest techniques and what’s to come in search marketing, submit a pitch to present at SMX Next.

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Webinar: Unlock the Power of TikTok for Your Social Strategy

With 800 million active users worldwide, TikTok is influencing a whole new generation of social media users and consumers. Don’t get left behind.

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Google launches new image preview interface in web search

Instead of Google taking you to the Google Image tab, you now remain within the main search results.

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The 5 steps marketing leaders practice during digital transformation

Learn how marketing leaders succeed with digital work management solutions during the hybrid work era.

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Bad website design: Bad for SEO, UX and business

Are these design elements slowing your download times and keeping your website from doing what you need it to do: earn you more business?

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Google addresses Impression Share and Auction Insights reporting issues

Impression Share and Auction Insights data may be incorrect for some advertisers reports.

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