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Good morning, Marketers, “What’s the difference between crawling, rendering, indexing and ranking?”

Aside from this being a great question to ask when hiring for SEO positions, understanding the key stages of search – crawling, rendering, indexing and ranking – is essential for all SEO professionals. Why? Because it isn’t just semantics. These four stages are all separate, technical processes.

Make sure to read Search Engine Land contributor Chris Silver Smith’s excellent, in-depth refresher on how search engines work.

Danny Goodwin,
Managing Editor, Search Engine Land & SMX

The 4 stages of search all SEOs need to know

Understanding how search engines work is fundamental for SEO professionals. Here's a refresher on crawling, rendering, indexing and ranking.

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Google steps up featured snippets with MUM; reducing false premise results by 40%

Google is using general consensus for callouts, expanding content advisories and about this result in Google Search.

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Webinar: Learn the key to email marketing success

Join Salesforce and Hertz for this live webinar and learn how to maximize marketing spend and optimize best practices with the right email service provider.

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Google reporting issue with Search Console Discover report

This data logging issue was on July 26, 2022 - any drops in clicks or impressions might be just a reporting bug.

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Do you plan to attend in-person events in the next year?

With COVID seemingly never more transmissible, are you more hesitant about attending live events? Please take our quick survey.

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5 Steps: How to succeed with digital work management during the hybrid work era.

This guide is a great first step to understanding more about digital transformation and how to keep pace with the speed of work.

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Want to speak at SMX? Now’s the time to submit a pitch!

If you’re on top of the latest techniques and what’s to come in search marketing, submit a pitch to present at SMX Next.

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Site taxonomy for SEO: A straightforward guide

In this guide: learn why website taxonomy is fundamental to SEO success and how to optimize site taxonomies.

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[Next week] Actionable tactics. Expert-led training. Invaluable Q&A.

Attend your choice of two-part, expert-led SMX Master Class — online next Tuesday and Wednesday, August 16-17 — to dive deep into SEO, PPC, GA4, and more.

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