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Good morning, Marketers, did you know that global Google searches for [open now near me] have grown by more than 400% globally, year on year?

The rise of “near me” searches is hardly new. Some businesses went all in on the trend years ago by including “near me” keywords in their title tags – or even their brand name – because this tactic worked so well.

But Search Engine Land contributor Chris Silver Smith warns that the era of “near me” keyword optimization is over. Now, it can actually do more harm than good. It seems like Google is rewarding businesses based on proximity to a user instead of relying on keyword matching (as it should). Scroll down to click and read the surprising details. 

Danny Goodwin,
Senior Editor

SEO pioneer and expert Bill Slawski passes away

Slawski was best known for writing about Google patents. He has helped countless SEOs better understand how search works.

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Surprise: ‘Near me’ brand names don’t rank higher for ‘near me’ searches

'Near me' searches continue to grow, but the tactic of optimizing for these terms can now do more harm than good for local search rankings.

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Everything you should know about evaluating your competitor’s backlink profile

Competitive backlink research is one of the first steps in either building your own link-building strategy or figuring out what it takes to achieve your competitors’ organic rankings.

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Google Ads issue with access to video pages frontend

It is not just you, there is an issue impacting the majority of Google Ads advertisers.

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New Yelp feature: Request a Call

Missed phone calls are lost leads. Yelp's new feature could help generate more qualified leads for local service businesses.

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2022 State of Customer Data

The world of customer data is changing. Download this report for the latest trends in data and usage in a privacy-centric world.

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How a self-audit PPC checklist can protect your work from external audits  

If you don’t audit your own work, eventually someone else will – and the impact on your work, you and your operation could be catastrophic.

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Link building: the least favorite part of SEO

We asked our audience: What is your least favorite part of SEO? Link building was named most often, with Google a close number two.

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