• http://txhoudini.com txhoudini

    It is odd how slow they are to even update the satellite view. Here in Austin, 183 was widened and added on to. The work was completed in 2007 but the satellite view still shows it under construction.

  • Andrew Shephard

    Offering current and latest contents to various of its properties is needed urgently. not only on Google Places but there are some lacunae on other platforms as well like Google knowledge graph and main SERP. Google pulls contents directly from Wikipedia to its Knowledge graph without bothering much about the date it was updated and hence is facing huge criticism on search engine arena. hope Google will do something to get them rectified! 

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  • http://twitter.com/andrew_goodman Andrew Goodman

    Who knew? With comprehensive global surveillance comes responsibility? And mounting costs. The New Orleans case is sad, but it’s also kind of rough looking at outdated pictures of vacant lots or half-built condos in rapidly-improving neighborhoods… I’m sure the realtors hate that… one major use of Street View is to check out a place without having to travel there.

  • jim0266

    I happened to be standing in front of my house when the Google street car rolled past me. That was July 2011. Still waiting for the photo to be updated.

  • SEN_5241

    All the refugees should be returned so they can tear it down again and stop plaguing the communities foolish enough to them them squat there.

  • Hunter King

    They updated today!