• benjaminspiegel

    When looking at the adwords related domains:
    – adwordscommunity.com
    – adwords-community.com
    – adwordscommunities.com
    – adwords-communities.com
    – communitiesadwords.com
    – communities-adwords.com
    – communityadwords.com
    – community-adwords.com
    i think it has nothing todo with any new features or products, i think its a sign that:
    a) google is trying to prevent fraudulent / non official / phishing forums
    b) google is trying to prevent non google domains to rank highly for google related terms

  • http://www.totallycommunications.co.uk/ Andrew Greenwood

    i would have thought google has the power to recall any fraudulent domains, much like ebay does. If they bought every variation they would spend an absolute fortune!

  • http://semimpact.com Carl

    Hi Matt, I’d have to agree with Benjamin on this – I think google might be trying to prevent people from “domain squatting”. Also, my co-workers and I noticed something a bit strange on Google paid research recently and we are wondering if ad position 4 is now the new #1 (in terms of conversion rate). You can find more details here: http://www.semimpact.com/blog/is-position-4-the-new-position-1/

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on Google’s strategy.