• http://markxa.com Mark Allan

    Small point of order, there are actually 20,000 Windows Phone apps (and it’s reached that milestone in almost exactly the same number of days as the iPhone did and roughly twice as fast as Android).

  • http://www.ferreter.net Paul Smith

    Agree with Mark above – apps are being added to WP7 at a huge rate. And if you look at just app numbers there is such a thing as law of diminishing returns

  • http://www.pagerank-seo.com Robert Visser

    While it’s true the forecast and this article mention the market share of smartphones, the focus is the market share of the various mobile operating systems. Since it’s the OS and not devices, any study is incomplete if it doesn’t address market share of both smartphones and tablets. Given the addition of tablets to the equation, I doubt iOS will drop nor Windows Mobile rise anywhere near what’s projected in the IDC forecast.