• http://christian.aubry.org Christian Aubry

    You say: “but iOS reach still remains greater”. You are talking of all the Apple platforms combined together vs. all Android-based devices – http://selnd.com/iOSreach

    This is the way you read Comscore’s press release. The FACT is that:

    Quote: “76.8 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones during the three months ending in May 2011, up 11 percent from the preceding three month period. Google Android ranked as the top operating system with 38.1 percent of U.S. smartphone subscribers, up 5.1 percentage points. Apple strengthened its #2 position with 26.6 percent of the smartphone market, up 1.4 percentage points. RIM ranked third with 24.7 percent share, followed by Microsoft (5.8 percent) and Palm (2.4 percent).” End fo quote.

    I read that Apple comes far second to the http://www.openhandsetalliance.com on the front of smartphone market shares. Apple’s slice is in fact just slightly larger than Blackberry’s.

    Regarding the tablet market, it is another FACT that Apple has refurbished the vision of such a device earlier than other manufacturers. The iPad wave created a new momentum for the iOS, so far so good.

    But manufacturers such as Acer, Asus, Samsung, LG, HTC, Dell, Lenovo, Sony Ericsson and Toshiba have already explored the concept of the tablet. They are slowly beginning to market the first generation based on Android “Honeycomb” 3.0. So wait for the second generation of mature, ubiquitous products to come and figure out the figures moving up and down as time goes by.

    In the long term I remain confident. Probabilities are substantial that fridge makers jump into the Alliance and incorporate android-based applications in their products sooner or later. However, I don’t think Steve Jobs wants to get into the fridge business. ;-)