• Stupidscript

    “..it controls nearly 90 percent of search in France..”

    I don’t want to be too anal, but whenever someone describes the optional use of a service as “controlling” behavior by that service provider, a few hairs stand up.

    Would you describe Ford as “controlling 15.5% of American roads”?

    Probably not … it’s the DRIVERS who decide which vehicle to use, and what to do with it. The vehicle, itself, performs a very specific task at the request of the driver.

    Just because people CHOOSE not to use the other services certainly does not mean that Google has any influence over people’s use of those other companies, which would be the actual result of “controlling” the search market in France.

    I would have written something similar to this, instead:

    “..it is used for nearly 90 percent of all searches in France..”

    See the difference? In your usage, Google is described as “controlling” the market. In my usage, Google is described as an optional tool within the broader search market.

    Which is more accurate? Which is more inflammatory? Are we journalists, or op-ed writers?