• http://dynamical.biz/blog Ani Lopez

    Nice article but I disagree with a point:

    “With automatic redirects, customers have the website language chosen for them, which can cause frustration and decrease your site’s effectiveness”
    If you redirect the user to the section in the site matching their browser language you are improving their experience.

    Then if they decide to change language, keep that selection in a cookie so next time they come they are not redirected to browser language section but to their preferred language.

    Recommendation, double check search engines can index all the different languages in the site, I’ve seen tons of cases where they offer their content in several languages but only indexed in the default one.

  • http://www.netgrowthgroup.com Alec Campbell

    It’s a good article on translation strategy (which is obviously your strength) but not on SEO strategy because you fail to take into consideration how search engine bots read websites. Site structure is a critical first component of an international SEO strategy. You have to select a structure the works best both for users and for search engine indexing. Using a drop-down menu or redirect risks indexing issues – i.e. search engines will only ever read one version of your site.

    If the objective of a website globalization effort is to reach new customers, I would recommend starting with a proper global internet marketing strategy first before you jump into translation.