• Nicholas Protonotarios

    Another great way to increase your ad space, I’m definitely guilty of ignoring integration benefits of AdWords and Google+, this will no longer be the case.

  • http://www.pixelar.com.mx/ Victor Castillejos

    Yay !!! Finally !!! I just hope they don’t change of mind

  • http://www.yepi-yepi.com/ Yepi Friv

    Yeah. I have waited for it in long time

  • shivangisaxena

    It’s really amazing. Companies and brands who have verified their publisher status (similar to Google Authorship) could start to see their company logo or brand logo show up in the Google Search Results. Thanks for sharing this article with us!

  • http://www.seosmooze.com/ Kamal Kumawat

    I sent request few days ago for my client’s website and now it is verified for google plus, but not showing image in Google searches. Let’s hope it will display the logo soon…

  • http://localsearchforum.catalystemarketing.com/ Linda Buquet

    One of the examples I posted about yesterday is gone, but the other is still showing image.

    Google “Phoenix Dentist” and see Westwind Dental in organic right under the pack. That one has rel=publisher plus a direct link to G+.

  • Bastian

    Hi Barry,

    i noticed this behavior in the german serps today for a small competitor of us (i’m working as an inhouse seo for a well-known fashion shop). for though we’re doing all the social media stuff, we didn’t showed up with thumbnail in serps, but our competitior (without) publisher-markup does. so i guess it was a test, because now it doesn’t show up anymore!

  • http://www.acsius.com/ Arun Singh

    Google is slowly installing the biggest peer review system with ID proofing – think ahead!

  • Textbroker

    This would be so awesome from a brand perspective.

  • http://www.elite-strategies.com/blog Patrick Coombe

    very interesting