• Grzegorz


    It’s not about the topic…
    I have to say that Barry is doing a great job here trying to keep SEL up to date.
    I suppose that Danny and rest of the team are working on new design right now… or are they already gone to SES Chicago?
    Matt will not be there.
    Waiting for Dec.11.

  • http://www.seroundtable.com rustybrick

    We are actually all at SES Chicago right now. Hence, the slower coverage of search topics. I will have a ton of headlines go up tonight…

  • http://www.widgetlogic.com/articles/6/10/The-State-of-Search JasonD

    Excellent commentary by Matt on how hacking and spamming can cross over and affect the SERPs but does it give an answer to how to stop abuse of other peoples’ sites when it is (indirectly) the algorithms in place that may lead people to undertake social and sometimes criminal abuse of other peoples’ sites ?

  • http://seowebmaster.com/ இ Search Engines WEB

    What is unforgivable is the policy or banning the ENTIRE site.

    It is bad enough that a hacked Web site owner may have lost income and Public Relations karma by those who do not know what happened.

    But, must Google make matters worst by banning ALL the OTHER UnHACKED PAGES. At least there stands a possibility that potential customers could enter the site via those pages from Search Engines.

    Many Web site owners do not daily check their homepages or other pages throughout their sites. So they could be completely unaware of what has happened. And even if Google sends them an email, an unsavy, non-geek WEb site owner may just disregard it as a sales pitch or junk mail without even reading it.

    There was also concerns expressed in the topic about Doorway pages causing banning.

    Under some circumstances, Doorway pages may be a productive SEO strategy, and quite necessary and practical if done in a limited way.