• http://www.boom-online.co.uk/ Katie Saxon

    Awesome! Excellent move by Google.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/clarktaylor Clark Taylor

    Long overdue.

  • http://robertbast.com Robert Bast

    This is a terrible idea. While having your ad checked prior to going live would be nice, it should be optional. A common reason for pausing an ad is that you no not wish to run it right now. What if your free shipping offer has been postponed, or your site is down for maintenance? Google can now disapprove these ads… aside from the annoyance, too many disapprovals and you LOSE YOUR ACCOUNT.

  • http://robertbast.com Robert Bast

    The real reason is more likely this – to thwart spammers who only run their ads for quick bursts and then pause them.