• http://StockPrices.net David

    I actually think Google Products is a bad thing for a lot of website owners that are selling products because now when you search for something it’s almost always coming back with their site \google products\ So now Google has a monopoly on all products by putting themselves on the first page of google search results.

    Flat out wrong

  • Matt McGee

    Thanks for your comment, David. This article isn’t actually about Google Products/Shopping — it’s about the new “Google Offers” service that just began taking signups last week.

  • Jenny Halasz

    Interesting that Walker sues Google, but didn’t sue Groupon. What’s different, other than deeper pockets?

  • Matt McGee

    Hi Jenny – Groupon was included in the “15 suits” link I referenced in the story as happening a couple weeks ago. I should add them to the text to make that more clear. Sorry for the confusion.