• Stacey Mayer

    This is amazing, to see such a sea-change in how we use our computers and hand held devices. However humble, businesses need their own app.

  • misschievous

    This is great and believable given how tablets and mobiles play a huge part of the daily lives of almost everyone. The busy people would most likely use gadgets with data, making them browse things using apps. I am glad that I am able to track these visits (mobile, PCs, etc) through the tool I am using Colibri Tool. Glad to be on track!

  • Sunday

    The details highlighted in this post means one thing: More and better marketing strategies should be adopted by companies for mobile.

    For sure mobile is wining and it will take the best of companies quick decisions to tap into the huge local traffic this is generating!

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    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


  • http://shopsitesg.com/ Jame Mimi

    More amazing changes



  • http://www.hireawiz.com/ HireAWiz

    Great post, according to market scenario every movement has change our technology and people also require everything in their hand at a small time. Therefore we need to grow up similarly. People want to use those things which have involves more multiple jobs. Mobile is one of them most essential things in this business and if we focus on that technology then we needs to do according to design and develop our website as like as user interface.

  • Ishwor Singh

    All of us wants internet access wherever we go, therefore tablets and phones have made it easy for us. In near future the usage of these handy devices will increase tremendously :)

  • Dan Leibson

    Another reason why people saying mobile is the future are missing what is happening right here, right now.