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How To Choose The Right Site Search Solution

An effective site search solution can help ecommerce sites drive sales and traffic, but customers’ expectations are high. You can thank search engines like Google—and now Bing—for raising your customers’ search expectations through the roof. You may be working hard on your natural and paid search campaigns to draw visitors to your site. Ideally you […]

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The Convergence Of Web Search & Site Search

The company I work for, SLI Systems, specializes in site search—searching products or content within a single website. That’s all we do. For example, try searching Search Engine Land using the SLI-powered search box at the top of the page (but wait until you finish reading this article first!). As a result of our focus, […]

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Keyword Research: Listen To Your Customers!

While SEO is a part of our daily lives, the process of digging into keyword research hasn’t gotten any easier. Yet, as we know, keyword research is critical to any SEO effort. While you may find the process of uncovering and selecting the most appropriate keywords for optimizing your site to be fairly painstaking, it […]

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