• TimmyTime

    you know this but he is saying that quality is no longer an issue so don’t automatically rule Bing out. He may be right or wrong about that but that’s what he is saying. Every 0.2% matters for them.

  • http://docsheldon.com Doc Sheldon

    I can see why Ballmer might be inclined to play it straight. There isn’t a lot of difference in their results, for most users. I’ll give him credit for not trying to push any hype down anyone’s throat. Like Tim says, for them, even .2% can be a nice boost.

    Not exactly inspiring, though, no.

  • tobias.carlen@gmail.com

    Ballmer must be looking at narrow segments to get 70% match. I live in Sweden and my wife is gluten intolerant, so I did a search for “non gluten pizza, Hisingen”, Hisingen being the large island (192 square km’s) where I live. In Swedish the search was “glutenfri pizza hisingen”. None of the hits were the same, top ten hits for google were mostly for local pizzerias that do gluten free + a few services that fetch and deliver from restaurants. What about Bing?
    Pure garbage:
    1. Backstage in the fashion business, a random designer page that contained a list of restaurants in Sweden, one of which was in Hisingen, but without contact info
    2. The same hit as 1 repeated with a slightly differnt link path
    3. A blog with some discussions about gluten free food
    4. a facebook discussion about Swedish restaurants
    5. Kvartersmenyn.se, an local lunch guide page, no specific info about non-gluten food on Hisingen, although you could probably use this guide to find it if you want to.
    6. A pizzeria offering glutenfree pizza in a small town about 150 km distant.
    7. A list of lunch menus for resturants in Gothenburg, some of which are located on Hisingen
    8. A non specific list of resturants in Gothenburg. Some of them serve pizza, some of them have glutenfree food, some of them are located on Hisingen
    9. A kebab outlet on small nearby Island. They do have glutenfree pizza, but you would have to take a ferry to get there….
    10. Hit number 8 repeated

    So relevance is extremely low, any of the links give you worse results than a google search… If Bing had headed the results with “same search using google”, that would have been the best link to click!

  • http://www.nathanielbailey.co.uk Nathaniel Bailey

    “You don’t need to be a computer scientist to use a Windows Phone, but I think you do to use an Android phone.”

    Lol got to love that line, but…
    How many people here have an android phone? I for one do.
    How many of you are scientists? I for one certainly am not.

    Yet I still have no problem using my Android phone! And whats more, I will most likely NEVER get a windows phone as I dont like the look or feel of the layout, its too much like a computer, and thats not what I want my phone for, I have a pc and laptop for that job!

  • http://www.my-green-home-project.com C.C.

    Having just been victimized by the recent Google Panda (loss of 60% of traffic), along with thousands of good sites, I’m all for switching to Bing, to whom I owe much of my traffic these days.

    Before that upset, I was unaware of how much business Bing had been sending my way. Their numbers were kind of overwhelmed by Google’s, but I now realize how significant that traffic was and is.

    Thanks for reminding me.

  • Alwyn Lasrado

    Just Chanced here and saw the note of tobias.carlen@gmail.com, October 19th, 2011 at 4:30 am ET:

    Did exactly what he did and to my surprise the results seem to be same. Does that mean MS does not take feedback and correct it ? Or is Bing just not capable ?

    I’m writing this on 5th December , so a good 45 days have passed !!!