• http://searchengineland.com Jonathan Hochman

    Let’s see. Yelp hires a bunch of sales staff and probably puts them on a quota. That’s what most sales organizations do. We’ve all had experiences with pushy and even unethical sales people who do or say whatever is necessary to get the job done. The claim rings true to me.

    If Yelp offers advertising there should be no connection, none whatsoever, to the editorial content including user reviews. As soon as they breach that wall, they expose themselves to this sort of claim.

  • http://www.bastyr.edu coquina

    Well then i guess i’m getting jipped. the business i work for recently signed on as a yelp client, is payin the $300 monthly tab, and guess what??? the negative user reviews ARE STILL THERE. We DID, however, get to bump a positive review up to the #1 position. But the bad reviews DID NOT GO AWAY. That $300 buys us text ads w/ higher visibility allover yelp.com, a special spot to announce a customer discount offer, & maybe more profile imgs…. but no absolution of negative user reviews here. that’s my experience as a business advertiser on yelp.com.

  • http://www.finditbyme.com FindItByMe

    To be stunned that a lawsuit progresses to this point due to a misunderstanding of the plaintiffs is a remarkable statement. Yelp has been in court before and settled. I personally know business owners that have been subjected to Yelp’s tactics. If the “truth will out” then let’s see what happens as the case develops. If in fact Yelp is acting in bad faith, then they should be stopped by whatever legal remedies are available.

    What Yelp has allegedly done gives everyone affiliated with local search a bad name. It’s very difficult in good or bad times to convince an SMB to pay for a local listing if there is no “gut ROI” apparent to them. And then we tell a local baker who works 18 hours a day to then go home and keep all the local search engines up to date and do their Facebook and Twitter updates. Help.