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    Yes it’s annoying, and I’d like to sue Google for the gas I wasted when it sent me in the wrong direction the other day, but now I just check Mapquest as well. And neither of them is as bad as my GPS!

  • Chad

    “One can certainly understand Rosenberg’s indignation at Google: ‘I relied on Google Maps and it almost got me killed.'” Seriously? I can’t. Whatever happened to personal accountability? If it directed her to walk across a bridge that had been washed out since the last time Google updated would she? And would THAT somehow be the company’s fault too?

    Google provides a valuable, FREE service with Maps, and also an obvious disclaimer regarding walkability. Just because an algorithm told her the shortest distance between two points doesn’t excuse her from making a judgement call when the shortest distance is obviously unsafe.

    By the way, I’d also recommend still looking both ways before stepping into a crosswalk, even when you have the light.